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Want to get closer to nature, people, or your higher self? Jasper cannabis gets you there. 

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We are Vegas grown, and our lives here are equally grounded by the Strip, the desert, and the mountains. We make cannabis products that fit your lifestyle and elevate these moments.  

How Do You Jasper?

We’re always introducing unique strains that give you an elevated experience when you’re on the go. No matter where you’re headed, you’ll be ready to get your Jasper on. Check back for updates on our latest strains and products.


Dosilato is an indica cross of Do-Si-Dos and Gelato #41. With a terpene profile featuring a fruity, earthy scent followed by a sweet lavender taste, Dosilato leaves you feeling stress-free and low-key. This strain is best enjoyed by the campfire, after a long night out, or at the end of a serious trek.
GMO Sherbert Flower

GMO Sherbert

An indica-dominant hybrid, GMO Sherbert comes from crossing Blue Sherbert with GMO. With gassy tones, along with hints of garlic, onion, and berry, this indica produces a calm yet focused wave of motivation. GMO Sherbert offers therapeutic, yet focused, effects without the immobilizing couch-lock common of many indicas.

Grape CanyonZ

An evenly balanced hybrid strain, Grape CanyonZ is a cross of Grape Pie X Topanga Canyon OG and Zkittles strains. A perfectly delicious hybrid, Grape CanyonZ has a sweet, fermented grape flavor mixed with spicy tropical fruit. An uplifting, euphoric high sets in slowly, followed by a full-body sense of serenity.
Grease Monkey Flower

Grease Monkey

Grease Monkey is a surprisingly sweet hybrid with earthy and skunky overtones. A cross of GG4 and Cookies and Cream, Grease Monkey slides you into a deeply relaxing body buzz perfect for late nights.
Mango Mintality Flower

Mango Mintality

Mango Mintality is a unique, exotic, modern sativa with hefty THC content. Lime green buds covered in trichomes with dark orange hairs boast hints of mango spice on top of a sweet, minty flavor profile with a smooth, gassy finish.

Sour Durban Cookies

Sour Durban Cookies is a familiar, yet new, sativa-dominant hybrid strain. Hashy, earthy smells mix with a dough-like quality and finish with sour diesel notes for a unique smoke. A cross between Sour Diesel, Durban Poison and Girl Scout Cookies, SDC packs a punch, producing euphoric effects fueled by high THC content that is sure to boost your mood.

Lemon Pastries

An indica-dominant hybrid cross of Oreoz and Jet Fuel Gelato, Lemon Pastries’ unique limonene terpenes create a lemon zest with fuel profile. Like Jack Herer’s terpene profile, the nose is astringent and tingles in an uplifting manner. The result is a smooth inhale with fuel notes on the exhale.

Grapes ‘N Cream

Grapes ‘N Cream is a hybrid strain crossing Grape Pie with Cookies and Cream. This sweet combination results in a knockout strain that produces creative effects, stimulating your mind while relaxing the body. Grapes ‘N Cream features a grape flavor profile with subtle notes of pear and vanilla.
Sunset Cookies Flower

Sunset Cookies

Sunset Cookies is an evenly balanced hybrid cross of Sunset Sherbet and GMO Cookies. Sunset Cookies has a sweet, berry flavor with sour citrusy notes accented by hints of nutty cookies. Euphoric and relaxing, Sunset Cookie works fast to get you to your happy place. Cerebral effects couple with a strong body buzz to give you the best of both worlds.

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